Our history

Hiprecious is a project issuing ERC-721 collections representing key elements surrounding Earth's and Human History, Technological innovation, as well as Cultural heritage.

The Ethereum smart contract was developed and pushed by Mehdi Brun in May 2018.

It was then featured on OpenSea's beta page in late May 2018.

Landing page of OpenSea in 2020

NFTs had not been widely advertised, mentioned, or discussed at a mass scale during that time, so the project did not receieve enough support to finish its minting.

Hiprecious goal was to donate 50% of all the Ethereum accumumulated from OpenSea sales to non-profit organisations in line with the collections.

However, in this event, the state of HiPrecious's innovation did not work in the project's favor in early 2018.
Society's overall lack of knowledge on Blockchain and Web3 development at the time, led to non profit organisations declining Hiprecious proposal.

We believe that the current climate of Blockchain, NFTs, and Web3 awareness will allow Hiprecious's initial goal to finally be met.

Come along for the journey and make History in the process!

We believe that this is what Web3 development is all about.

As of now, here are all the existing Hiprecious collections:

Endangered Species
Geek Prophets
Lost Monuments
Nigth Monsters
Japan Heritage
Legendary Billionaires
China Heritage
Weird Kitties

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